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Having once been expected to use guided reading, where I could only work with struggling readers once a week, with a Y6 class at a school where the previous year’s combined was 24%, I can personally attest to this ‘stress’. Leaders must hold the confidence of the teaching team and the curriculum must be continuously evaluated so that it can be optimised to meet the needs of the pupils and reflect the approaches and content which should lead to improved achievement. According to modern grammarians, value judgments about language must be acknowledged and examined in light of the facts. To establish preferred usage, or prescription, rules influence certain aspects such as spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, syntax, and semantics.

advantages of prescriptive approach

A successful control of free chloride ions is significant to the service life of concrete structures. In this work, the combination of triisopropanolamine and C–S–H seeds is used to improve the chloride binding capacity of cement paste as well as its compressive strength. Results show that the compressive strength was enhanced due to the early nuclei effect of C–S–H seeds and promotion of TIPA to hydration. The mineralogical composition and microstructure analyses demonstrated the improved chloride binding capacity of the cement paste to free chloride ions is mainly due to the formation of Friedel’s salts phase and the physical adsorption behavior of gels. TIPA promotes the hydration of aluminum-containing minerals, indirectly contributing to the formation of Friedel’s salts.

A performance based approach for durability of concrete exposed to carbonation

Most important, advisors must recognize any indication of the coping difficulties known to affect this generation of students. By asking about and understanding the past experiences of students, academic advisors obtain valuable information for identifying potential obstacles to and motivational factors of student college success . However, descriptive grammar should be included in the data and examined because it is employed by actual language speakers and authors.

Campbell et al. stated that the prescriptive and emergent approaches are often presented as being diametrically opposed, which is by the reason of that the approaches are in many ways complementary as they present different perspectives of the same situation. Therefore, Campbell et al. suggested that strategy must be both inward- and outward-looking, planned and emergent. This supports the adoption of an emergent approach to strategy development which invokes a more intelligent capacity to respond to new opportunities. Hence, it is more suited to instigating positive, transformational organisational change such as diversification or restructuring. It also has the added benefit of helping to reduce resistance to change as it allows time to build employee support while the strategy is taking shape. Lynch pointed out that there is no one single approach within emergent approach.

Understanding Prescriptive Security

Correlational studies on the use of developmental and proactive advising approaches and the impact of them on first-year retention rates may yield particularly interesting results. These studies may contribute valuable information for use by all institutions in developing initiatives and goals related to student success and graduation. Before administering the survey protocol, I followed the institutional procedures for HBCU1. The ideal time frame for the recruitment of study participants and the administration of the survey was February to April. This extended time frame would have allowed me to reach more students and a longer period for students to reflect on their fall and spring advising experiences and to complete the survey. For AAI Part II, participants indicated the frequency with which they experienced 30 specific academic advising activities.

Unlike all former strategies, a huge volume of data is no longer a liability for the security system. All other similar attacks won’t have any influence on the system as it already knows what to do. An increased risk of cyber attacks forces us to react, especially when having huge volumes of data to protect. “To many people in the middle decades of the eighteenth century, the language was indeed seriously unwell. It was suffering from a raging disease of uncontrolled usage. . . . Write a formal report to the senior executive highlighting the specific people management issues in the workplace and suggest contemporary people management practices the HR department can adopt and their respective implications.

Business Rules

For this study, the AAIS was further transposed for use with SurveyMonkey , a web-based survey-development application with enhanced security features, for administration and the collection of data for statistical analysis. With approval from the Institutional Review Board , I contacted the directors of first-year programming to obtain permission and to recruit participants. The enrollment of first-year students at HBCU1 was 384 at the time of this study (Carullo & Charbonneau, 2012; National Center for Education Statistics, 2013). From these 384 students, 77 students completed the electronic survey at their convenience. These survey responses represented approximately 20% of the first-year population enrolled at HBCU1. As expected, a reduction in porosity and a densification of the microstructure were observed in these cementitious systems modified with mineral additions.

advantages of prescriptive approach

The first type, a reactive measure, focuses on reacting to a thread that has already occurred. Similarly, our test of the correlation between self-reported SERQ scores and significant-other rated SERQ scores failed to find evidence of overall correspondence. Future research should further evaluate the SERQ using other assessment methods, such as through the use of structured interview (e.g., Murphy et al., 2021). Despite these limitations, the available data suggests the SERQ shows promise as a useful measure of emotion regulation skills. Originally, a paper and pencil instrument, the AAI was converted to a Microsoft Excel document for electronic access and is known as the Academic Advising Inventory System .

Descriptive and Prescriptive Grammar Advantages

Prescriptive school of strategy is a special course of action design to achieve objectives, this school deals with strategy formulation than with how they necessarily do form . Every member of the organization understands the organization’s goals and processes. Computer spell checkers are developing a new type of bad language called malefactors. These examples are amusing in the same way that human examples are, and there is a chance that they are related. After a while, it is not uncommon for these types of errors to become part of the language.

  • Quality academic advising helps students appreciate the collegiate experience, encourages relationship building, promotes self-awareness, and addresses realistic academic and career goals.
  • The composition of each school’s teaching teams is so different, as is the pupil population of every school.
  • By asking about and understanding the past experiences of students, academic advisors obtain valuable information for identifying potential obstacles to and motivational factors of student college success .
  • These examples are amusing in the same way that human examples are, and there is a chance that they are related.
  • The understanding of written language necessitates the use of prescriptive grammar.

Mathematical Programming will then use advanced algorithms to explore the huge set of solutions efficiently and return the best ones. The main benefit of ML is that, in theory, no formulation of the problem is required (neither the what to do nor the where to go!). This is a data driven technique, and in theory you only need lots of data and some computation to train a model. By using this type of reasoning, rules execute in a correct order given by priorities.

The ways of responding: A scale to assess compensatory skills taught in cognitive therapy

Lynch argued that Value Chain seems works only to explore existing linkages and value-added areas within the existing structure of the business. Hamel and Prahalad supported the argument and suggested that revolution in management sector is required rather than to create the future. Many businesses are compelled to make dramatic improvements not only to compete and prosper but also merely to survive.

advantages of prescriptive approach

In 17 of 20 tests, SERQ scores were related to anxiety, depression, stress, and features of borderline personality disorder. No merely prescriptive external rules, borrowed from society when the mothers were girls, can fully answer the purpose. prescriptive security Simmons knows she faces an uphill battle—but her goal this time around is to be prescriptive about the problem. The fact that some prescriptive rules are valuable does not mean that every grammatical injunction should be obeyed.

month evaluation of concrete aging factor using chloride migration test: Effects of binder type and w/b ratio

In many different disciplines, there is a prescriptive way to approach tasks and goals as well as a descriptive way. The prescriptive approach is best described as doing things “by the book”, tackling a challenge like learning a language or navigating new parenthood according to the strategies recommended by experts. For a language learner, this might mean immersion in the language, and for a new parent, it often means learning by trial and error. The term prescriptive grammar refers to a set of norms or rules governing how a language should or should not be used rather than describing the ways in which a language is actually used. In cognitive behavioral therapies, patients work to develop or strengthen various emotion regulation skills.

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